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About Michelle


Michelle (pronouns: she/hers)  is a somatically-trained mental health counselor working in private practice in Tokyo, Japan. She spent the last three years at the U.S Naval Hospital in Okinawa in the Department of Mental Health where she worked with active duty military members and their families in addressing distress and trauma through the means of body-based practices that promote embodiment and resiliency. There she also developed specific clinical programming combining yoga and psychology to help compliment treatments within the substance abuse programs and inpatient units.  Michelle also worked for one year with the mental health unit on Kadena Air Base in Okinawa as a graduate student counselor supporting airmen and their families. 

Michelle has an extensive 15 year background in yoga and mindfulness teaching in which she has worked with those living with spinal cord injury, brain injury, chronic and life threatening disease, and grief and loss.

Currently in her advanced year of Somatic Experiencing (SE) training, Michelle incorporates in her work principles of Peter Levine's SE modality combined with Polyvagal Theory, Sensory Awareness, Attachment Theory, mindfulness and trauma-informed yoga concepts. 

Michelle currently resides in western Tokyo with her husband of 27 years and their cat, Junebug. In her time away from therapy work Michelle enjoys watercolor painting, knitting, exploring nature, tea travels, and a variety of movement styles from dance, yoga, qigong, and tai chi.  To follow Michelle's yoga teaching programming and trainings, visit her yoga-based website at

Contact Michelle

Michelle is accepting individuals and couples in her private practice at this time; although mainly through online sessions. Please send a message to inquire about whether she is the right fit for you, rates, and scheduling inquiries. She is also available for questions, referrals, and for consulting with those in the helping professions (counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, coaches) around the subjects of trauma, somatic psychology, adult adoptee issues, and using yoga/mindfulness in therapy. 

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