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Booking Appointments & Rates

Regrettably, as of June 2023 Michelle is not accepting new clients.  You may still reach out to her to obtain a slot on her waiting list or to receive a referral from her, both of these options do require a 15 minutes consultation with her for her to assess your current needs of support. An alternate option is to visit the International Mental Health Professions of  Japan directory  to find another therapist accepting new clients at this time. 

Michelle offers a free 15-20 minute phone or Zoom consultation to see if you and her are the right fit for working together toward your mental health goals. Please contact her by email to schedule a consultation:


$165USD for the first initial session (90-minutes) via online Zoom

$110USD for follow-up sessions (60 minutes) via online Zoom

$150USD for in-office sessions (60-75 minutes) in the Hiroo location; only Thursdays 9-5pm availability

If you are under extreme financial distress; please inquire with Michelle regarding sliding fee rates.


Michelle does not accept insurance of any kind at this time; only out-of-pocket payments are accepted. She is able to provide paid invoice receipts for potential reimbursement from insurance companies. 

Credit card payments are accepted. Credit card payments can be processed at the start of session or clients can choose to receive an electronic invoice with an encrypted credit card payment link to pay for their session one day prior.

For those sessions attended in-person on Thursdays in the Hiroo office, cash payments are accepted along with credit card option to pay at the time of session or beforehand with an encrypted credit card link.


Online sessions are available on most weekdays; no weekend appointments are available. Please keep in mind that evening appointments are the most sought after times and are limited and may not always in accessible. 

Online therapy session are conducted via Zoom. Prior to each session you will be provided with an appointment reminder and a fresh Zoom link. Zoom is an encrypted and safe video-conferencing platform that is easy to use.

On Thursdays, Michelle offers in-person sessions in the Tokyo-Hiroo Office location. This office is just a 3 minute walk from EXIT 2 of Hiroo Station on the Hibiya Line. 


On Thursdays, Michelle offers in-person sessions in the Tokyo-Hiroo Office location at Mind Body Potential. These sessions are recommended to those living in the Tokyo area who would benefit from the occasional in-person session as a supplement to online therapy with Michelle. In addition, Michelle conducts in-person Somatic Experiencing™ sessions in this location. 

Just when I accept myself just as I am, only then can I change. 

—Carl Rogers, Founder of the Humanistic Approach

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