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I encourage you, when possible, to buy your books used, support your local bookstores, and if needing to use a large distributor, such as Amazon, to first check their independent sellers section. 


The Body Keeps the Score

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk

In An Unspoken Voice: How the Body

Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

Dr. Peter Levine

Healing Trauma

Dr. Peter Levine

Trauma & Memory

Dr. Peter Levine

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

David Treleaven

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy

Bring the Body into Treatment

David Emerson

Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga

Reclaiming Your Body

David Emerson

What Happened to You?

Converstaions on Trauma,

Resilience, & Healing

Dr. Bruce Perry

Somatic Psychology

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Pat Ogden

Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered

Somatic Psychotherapy

Halko Weiss & Greg Johanson

Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox

Manuela Mischke-Reeds

Polyvagal Exercises for Safety & Connection

Deb Dana

The Somatic Therapy Workbook:

Stress-Relieving Exercises for Strengthening

the Mind-Body Connection

Livia Shapiro

Bodyfulness: Somatic Practices for

Presence, Empowerment,

& Waking Up In this Life

Christine Caldwell

My Grandmother's Hands:

Racialized Trauma & The Pathway to

Mending Our Hearts & Bodies

Resmaa Menakem

Self-Care & Mindfulness

Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep

Relaxation & Awakened Clarity

Tracee Stanley

Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses

for Every Type of Body

Dianne Bondy

Restorative Yoga for Ethnic &

Race-Based Stress & Trauma

Gail Parker

Mindfulness for Beginners

Jon Kabat-Zinn

A Mindfulness-Based

Stress-Reduction Workbook

Dr. Bob Stahl & Dr. Elisha Goldstein

Essential Art Therapy Exercises:

Effective Techniques to Manage

Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD

Leah Guzman

Afoot & Lighthearted:

A Journal for Mindful Walking

Bonnie Smith -Whitehouse

Forest Bathing: How Trees 

Can Help you Find Health & Happiness

Dr. Qing Li

For Couples


(for all members of the Triad)

Attachment Theory

Mating in Captivity:

Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

Ester Perel

The State of Affairs:

Rethinking Infidelity

Ester Perel

Hold Me Tight:

Seven Conversation for a Lifetime of Love

Dr. Sue Johnson

Love Sense: The Revolutionary 

New Science of Relationships

Dr. Sue Johnson

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

with Trauma Survivors

Dr. Sue Johnson

Questions for Couples Journal:

400 Questions to Enjoy, Reflect,

& Connect to Your Partner

Maggie Reyes

The Primal Wound:

Understanding the Adopted Child

Nancy Newton Verrier

Coming Home To Self:

Healing The Primal Wound of Adoption

Nancy Newton Verrier

I'll Always Carry You: A Mother's 

Story of Adoption, Loss, Grief & Healing

Linda L. Franklin

Beneath The Mask: Teen Adoptees

& Young Adults Share Their Stories

Center for Adoption Support & Education

Adoption Healing...A Path to Recovery

Joe Soll

You Don't Look Adopted

Anne Heffron

Journey of the Adopted Self:

A Quest for Wholeness

Betty Jean Lifton

Lost and Found: 

The Adoption Experience

Betty Jean Lifton

Attachment: 60 Trauma-Informed 

Assessment & Treatment Interventions

Christina Reese

The Attachment Theory Workbook:

Powerful Tools to Promote Understanding

& Increase Stability in Relationships

Annie Chen

Attached: The New Science of

Adult Attachment and How it Can

Help You Find & Keep Love

Amir Levine & Rachel S.F. Heller

Wired For Love: How Understanding

Your Partner's Attachment Style 

Can Help Defuse Conflict

Stan Tatkin

Attachment Theory in Practice:

Emotionally Focused Therapy with 

Individuals, Couples, & Families

Sue Johnson

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